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How To Check Hemoglobin Level At Home

How To Check Hemoglobin Level At Home If you were wondering how to check your hemoglobin levels at home now that we offer an excellent, affordable and easy-to-use home hemoglobin test kit. You no longer need to drive all the way to a hospital or laboratory every time you want to check your hemoglobin level at home. Out three-in-one home anemia test kit allows you to monitor your hemoglobin, cholesterol and glucose.

Rubbing a gold ring on the cheek to see if a person has anemia has been a trick passed from generation to generation. Whether this is a legitimate method of home testing for iron deficiency is unclear, but many believe that it is a reliable way to determine the deficiency. This test involves rubbing a gold ring from the top to the bottom of your check for about 30 seconds and seeing if a thin black line appears right where the ring was rubbed against. This thin black line is supposed to indicate iron deficiency. But before you go on rummaging through your jewelry box for a gold ring, remember that anemia can also be caused by low or abnormal levels of hemoglobin in the blood, not just iron deficiency. If your question is how to test for anemia at home when you don't suspect iron deficiency, the answer would be a proper home tester like a hemoglobin meter. These types of devices are widely available these days, and if you want to own one or know more about how they work, you can check out Hemoglobin Home Test for information.

If you still suspect iron deficiency, you can try another how to test anemia at home-technique using a gold ring: place a hand palm up on a flat surface and balance the gold ring on your wrist for about 10 minutes. If the ring leaves a black circle, this could indicate anemia. Whether the results are reliable is subject to debate.

A much better option, of course, is to use a Hemoglobin Home Test meter. Even better, you should consult your doctor to determine if you have any health issues. How To Check Hemoglobin Level At Home
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