3 in 1 Home Testing for Hemoglobin, Cholesterol and Glucose

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how to check hemoglobin level at home

Now that we offer an excellent, affordable and easy-to-use home anemia test kit, you no longer need to drive all the way to a hospital or laboratory every time you want to check your blood levels. Now there is an accurate easy way to check your hemoglobin level at home.

anemia self test kit

In a hospital, laboratory or other clinical setting, a hemoglobin level test is generally performed as part of a CBC, also known as a complete blood count. With our easy to use anemia self test kit, you may monitor three important blood levels right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

hemoglobin tester

With our at-home hemoglobin tester, you can check your own blood for hemoglobin, cholesterol and glucose levels.Testing your own blood is easier than you might think.� If you would like further information about how to use your hemoglobin test kit, we are right here to provide support.

hemoglobin test kit

A hemoglobin test kit cannot tell you what's wrong with you. It does not diagnose. What our hemoglobin test kit can do is show you a precise measuring of your blood hemoglobin levels. If you suffer with anemia or other blood disorders, this is vital information to know.

home hemoglobin test

Hemoglobin is an important protein found in human blood. Hemoglobin transports life-giving oxygen to all the organs and systems of the body. Too much or too little hemoglobin may indicate a serious problem.  We would like to tell you about our easy-to-use home hemoglobin test kit.

hemoglobin meter

Hemoglobin is a protein found in the red blood cells. A hemoglobin meter displays the levels of this all-important blood protein which carries life supporting oxygen throughout the body. With just one drop of blood, you can instantly know your cholesterol, glucose and hemoglobin numbers. Call for additional information.

hemoglobin home test

With our hemoglobin blood test kit, your serum levels may be monitored without a vial of whole blood. In fact, our home test kit requires only a drop or two of whole blood. Our hemoglobin home test kit comes with complete and understandable instructions, so it isn't hard to learn to test your own blood.

hemoglobin home meter

Now that we make and sell a hemoglobin home meter, there is no need for you to visit a hospital or lab every time your doctor needs to see your current levels of hemoglobin. A home test is so much easier to use and far more convenient than a standard CBC.

at home anemia test

If your physician has advised you to undergo a periodic test for hemoglobin levels in your blood, you may well be dreading the constant commute back and forth to the hospital or laboratory. It's now possible to perform your own accurate anemia test for hemoglobin right in your own home.

anemia home test

If your physician has instructed you to keep an eye on your blood levels with an anemia home test, our three-in-one glucose, cholesterol and hemoglobin test kit will allow you to do exactly that. There is no simpler way to monitor these three important blood levels. Obtain accurate analysis in only a few seconds with one drop of whole blood.

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