3 in 1 Home Testing for Hemoglobin, Cholesterol and Glucose

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how to check hemoglobin level at home

Now that we offer an excellent, affordable and easy-to-use home anemia test kit, you no longer need to drive all the way to a hospital or laboratory every time you want to check your blood levels. Now there is an accurate easy way to check your hemoglobin level at home.

hemoglobin test kit

A hemoglobin test kit cannot tell you what's wrong with you. It does not diagnose. What our hemoglobin test kit can do is show you a precise measuring of your blood hemoglobin levels. If you suffer with anemia or other blood disorders, this is vital information to know.

anemia home test

If your physician has instructed you to keep an eye on your blood levels with an anemia home test, our three-in-one glucose, cholesterol and hemoglobin test kit will allow you to do exactly that. There is no simpler way to monitor these three important blood levels. Obtain accurate analysis in only a few seconds with one drop of whole blood.

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