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Anemia Self Test Kit

Anemia Self Test Kit In a hospital, laboratory or other clinical setting, a hemoglobin level test is generally performed as part of a CBC, also known as a complete blood count. With our esy to use anemia home test kit, you may monitor three important blood levels right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

An anemic child needs his hemoglobin and red blood cell count to be monitored from time to time while being treated for the condition, making an anemia home test kit necessary. Anemia is characterized by not having enough red blood cells and hemoglobin, a protein that allows oxygen to stick to the red blood cells. If your child has anemia, he may look pale, feel weak, and feel tired all the time because his body is not getting enough oxygen from his blood. Treating anemia usually involves taking iron supplements and eating iron-rich foods, as well as taking supplements or eating food with folic acid and vitamin B12, but to make sure that your child's condition is improving, an anemia home test kit is a must.

CBC (complete blood count) tests are the usual means for determining the number of blood cells, but it can be hassle to go to the hospital or a clinic from time to time to get a sample of your child's blood. For more convenience and to save time, home testing is recommended. Investing on an anemia home test device also means significant long-term savings because lab-conducted blood tests can be expensive.

An anemia home test kit is easy to use, especially the hemoglobin test meter offered here in Only a small drop of blood is required from your child's finger and only a few seconds for the results. To find out more about our product before buying, feel free to explore this website. lets you buy a high quality and multi-function GCHb Meter, which is good for testing hemoglobin, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels. We also have a starter kit available. All orders within North America are shipped at no charge, but we can also ship anywhere in the world for a flat shipping fee. Anemia Self Test Kit
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