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Our hemoglobin meter is a simple hand held device that allows a person to test their own blood levels in the comfort of their own home. It operates the same way that a glucose meter works with people who are monitoring their diabetes. For many years, people suffering  from anemia or in need of frequent transfusions, have had to go to the doctors office every time they wanted to check their hemoglobin levels. Now it can be done at home with our two tests in one meter or 3 in 1 hemoglobin meter.

Hemoglobin is the basic building block found in our blood that carries the oxygen throughout the body. The amount of hemoglobin in our blood could vary for numerous reasons.  It is measured in grams per deciliter or gm/dL. For males that number should fall somewhere between 13.8 gm/dL and 17.2 gm/dL.  For females, the number is slightly less, 12.1 gm/dL-15.1 gm/dL.

The 3 in 1 hemoglobin meter or GCHb Multi-function Monitoring System, which will test Hemoglobin, Cholesterol and Glucose is now only $74.95. it can be used as an anemia test by testing your hemoglobin but it is more than that. Our home hemoglobin test kit can also measure cholesterol and glucose levels.

Each kit comes with 10 glucose test strips, 5 hemoglobin test strips and 2 cholesterol strips and a special computer chip that tells the meter which function to perform. Additional hemoglobin test strips can also be purchased here and the more you buy the more you save. The hemoglobin test strips come in packs of 25 and once opened they must be all used within 3 months. Glucose strips will also last 3 months, and the  cholesterol strips will last 2 months.  Unopened the  sealed containers can last over a year and typically have a long expiration dates.


Of course no home hemoglobin meter is meant to replace your regularly scheduled visits to your doctor or visits to your lab.  Hand held home medical devices are not meant to replace the more precise laboratory equipment available at your doctors office but they can still help you keep a good check on your conditions. Through a special arrangement now you can order you own hemoglobin lab test directly on this site.  Diabetics have relied on glucose meters for many year to adjust  their insulin intake. According to Mayo Clinic, home tests kits, like glucose meters, can vary by as much as 15 percent yet they are still considered to be reliable and accurate. It is important to learn how to take your tests in a consistent manner and to learn what your results mean. By learning how to take your tests correctly you will learn to calibrate your meters results to those obtained from you visits with the doctor and for a much lower cost!!! Check out our great deals on combo kits below.

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